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Vita-REPAIR PeelReveal refreshed, youthful, radiant skin in just one treatment. This high powered Lactic Acid Peel delivers fast results and actively work to dramatically resurface and instantly improve skins moisture levels whilst restoring clarity and luminosity
Allow 30mins $70

Vita-CLEAR Peel Mandelic Peel is an ideal treatment for problematic, congested, or acne prone skins. Mandelic acid helps to efficiently eliminate dead skin cells, counteract excess lipids on the skin, unblock pores, break down intercellular bonds and activate the skin's natural regeneration cycle.Allow 45min $70
Vita-PEEL -Ideal treatment for ageing or sun damaged skin, this potent Vitapeel features high strength AHAs & BHA . This skin brightening treatment works to rapidly exfoliate the surface compaction while diminishing the dark spots, hyper pigmentation and blotchiness to reveal a brighter and clearer complexion
Allow 45 min $120